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The IT Business Division provides a professional services team comprising engineers with vast experience in IT Cyber and Infrastructure Security. We provide its clients with the best IT solutions, which cater to their needs. We have experience in deploying and managing different IT environments for many different verticals, with each deployment optimized for the particular client. We specialize in top of the line IT solutions, in partnership with majority of these vendors.

Business Head:
Abu Bakker

Abu Bakker is a technology-driven professional with over 21 years of extensive experience in Project Management, Technical Consultancy etc. Abu has worked on international financial and banking institutions in the Middle East. A keen planner, strategist & implementer with demonstrated abilities in IT operations management and new technology implementation for streamlining IT-related operations. Expertise in spearheading numerous IT projects and ensuring the delivery of projects in compliance with the quality, time& cost parameters.


Comprehensive understanding of the project management lifecycle including designing & execution of Project Framework, Scope Management and Time & Cost Management. Adept in the management of entire IT security operations and IS security including setting up a required SOP.

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