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We provide advisory services for medical tourism, wellness retreats and alternative therapy. In order to make the best recommendation to you, we stress on quality standards of health care facilities, the expertise and experience of the physician, surgeon or alternative health practitioner and take into consideration the track record, success rate and positive feedback of previous patients. Our knowledge, compassion and medical experience allows us to discern services ideal for you.

Understanding your needs

We want to know about you and your health goals; your personal details, family history, your basic body parameters and what is it that you are looking to achieve in your journey to health whether it is preventive health checkups, wellness and holistic heath balance or treatment for a specific medical condition. Understanding your needs is key to providing you the best services.

Providing the options

Our panel of doctors will analyze your personal and medical information and come up with the best options suitable for you after weighing the pros and cons. We will then send you these options that will include the details of your doctor/surgeon/therapist as the case may be, the details and quality accreditations of the health care facility and information about your trip.

Managing your program

Once you let us know your preferred option, we will book your appointments, get more information from you that your attending practitioner requires, give you more information about your treatment, destination, stay, travel and processes and connect you to key people who will guide you at each step and finally collect your feedback post completion.


Business Head:
Sonia Satham

Sonia Satham co-founded Panacea Medical and Wellness Centre in 2011 that now has more than 17,000 registered patients. She has run several successful campaigns to educate patients on prevention of common ailments.

A graduate of Manchester Business school, UK, Sonia has vast experience in operations, communications and preventive health education and was awarded CMO Asia’s Women Leadership Award in 2017.

Supported by a team of specialist doctors, she is discerning in her choice of healthcare partners and places great emphasis on quality, compliance and accreditation.

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