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With business associates across the world, we bring to the table great business connections that are innovative and reliable.


We are a business group operating in Kampala, Uganda working across services, consultancy, products and trade.


Our businesses in the UAE have a combined history of over 45 years and we are specialists in our fields. The UAE is a leading destination for Uganda’s exports surpassing the European Union since 2016.  According to a 2016/17 Uganda Bureau of Statistics Report, export values increased from USD35 Million in 2014 to USD600 Million in 2017. It is our mission to create partnerships that can promote more resilient trade and commerce between Uganda and UAE. Our business lines are specifically chosen to encourage maximum exchange of business between the two nations.


We work closely with local partners in Uganda to provide world-class products and services, thereby enhancing the lives of people and enriching business associates. In time, and with the right connections, emiricorp’s members will expand business operations into the East African market.


Together, we build lasting value for all.